Cloud type online translation by native speakers of Chinese(Mandarin).
24,784 or more translators and more than 10,000 corporate customers.

To corporate customers

You can order 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and receive translation in 30 minutes (shortest).
If you enter the necessary information in the automatic estimation form of this site, estimates and delivery time can be confirmed on the spot for you to request.
You will need member registration to request translation. Service can be used right after you registered.
Payable through bank transfer (needs investigation for the first time)
Can pay by credit card before the investigation
Can send the estimation to participants through e-mail

Automatic estimation

*To estimate Text, Word, and Excel data.
Translation requests for picture data/PDF, please click here.

Confirm estimated price

*Please choose the field and plan of translation
*Translators are appointable
*Please input comments to translators
Special discount for first time (10%) or anytime you evaluate a translator (10%)
A maximum of 20% discount

Registration・Log-in・Choose payment method

*Free registration
*Service can be used right after you registered
E-mail will be sent to you after registration

Choose your payment method

※*Payment by credit cards
*The credit card pay screen will open once you clicked "To pay screen"
Enter credit card information after confirming the fee and press transmit button to finish your order.

*Payment by bank transfer (Petition)
Investigation is required for the first time. Usually it will take 1 business day for the investigation to be completed. Sat., Sun., and holidays are not applicable.
Estimates, statements of delivery, and bills are issuable by requesting on the registration screen
*Payments through bank transfer are month-end closing, next month-end payments.month-end payments".

Translator arrangement starts

*Please hold on until the translator takes your order

*About appointing the priority of translators
Place checks from 1-4 on the "appoint box" in "appointing priority of translators" by clicking "rearrange registered information" on MY PAGE.
You may appoint the priority of the translators

Translator arranged→notification

*Your order mail is sent to the native translator acquainted in the field.

*An e-mail notifying that the translation has started will be send to you
・You may interact with the translator using the message system to confirm the situation of the translation.

Document delivered by the translator

*After the translation is finished, your document will be delivered by the translator
Document will be uploaded onto the server.
*An e-mail notifying that the translation has ended will be send to you

Download document

*Please download the translation from the server

After service after delivery

*You may ask questions about the translation after it is delivered
*You may ask questions as many times as you wish within 2 weeks after delivery.
Evaluate the translators and get a 10% discount next time. ・Evaluate the translators and get a 10% discount next time.