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300018 401104 Japanese→English Appointed translation Commercial, IR, marketing, and media Business 24 Hour course
I like your translation, thank you so much.  (2016/02/01)
300018 220154 Japanese→English On-line translation Commercial, IR, marketing, and media Business 24 Hour course
Thank you for the good translation. I am very satisfied with your work.  (2016/01/27)
300018 220154 Japanese→English Appointed translation Manufacturing technology & Science technology Business 3 Day course
Great job. you helped me a lot, thanks.  (2016/01/25)
300018 400809 Japanese→English Appointed translation Medical, pharmacy, and science Business 24 Hour course
Thank you for your quick response, appreciate it.  (2016/01/21)
300538 220154 Japanese→English On-line translation Business documents Business 24 Hour course
The end is the translation in time, it was no problem on the contents. Thank you.  (2015/11/12)