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About translator evaluation

The translator evaluation is a system that allows the translators' level to be visible by having the customers evaluate their translators.
Customers using Trans-Pro. the first time can check out the evaluation
and feel secured when making an order.

What is the ★ mark of translator evaluation?

Evaluate the translators from a 1~5 scale.

Please evaluate the 4 categories below with a scale from 1~5.

1. How are the choices and unification of terms?
2. How does the writing style fit with the document?
3. Please evaluate the total quality.
4. How did the translator handle the order? (meeting the deadline, exchanging messages, etc.)

The evaluation e-mail will be sent after the translation is delivered.
The Case detail screen from MY PAGE also shows the evaluation for you to fill in.
Evaluate the translators and get a 10% discount next time.

Usage of translator evaluation

Customers can appoint translators from "My Favorite translators" or "Past translators" in customer MY PAGE.
New orders will be sent in order from the translators with high evaluation.

Quality control approaches

Translator evaluation→proof of customers issuing instructions.
1. Links with the translation wage.
The system is made so that the translators' wage rises if the evaluation is high.
Thus, translators keep the motivation to improve their quality.
2. Easy to be notice by customers through search engine.
Translators with high evaluation will be shown on the TOP page.
Also, translators which has taken many number of orders will be shown in the TOP page, making it easier for customers to choose when appointing.
3. Penalty system
Penalties such as cut in wages or certain period of not being able to take new orders are imposed
in the case of not meeting the deadline, etc.
You can also put the translator in a black list if you feel unsatisfied with your translation, and wish not to appoint the same translator again.
4. Knowing the level of translation through translator evaluation.
A translator with more ★ marks proves to be an outstanding translator

All evaluation will be strictly based on those by the customers, but not by Trans-Pro.