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Cautions for Trans-Pro.

The translation by Trans-Pro. becomes important to the life and work of not only the client, but the people related as well.
Your translation may result in settling business talks or producing new products, thus very valuable.
Please be aware that your translation may catch the eyes of many people, so we expect you to take the job 100% seriously.

Be sure to following the following 5 points.

Use appropriate terms at all time.

The first priority for our staffs is the skill of their mother language.
Necessary issues include the skill to examine the original language using tools such as dictionaries, understand the language over time, and writing abilities.
It is important how you translate the original text you understand into your own language.
It is also necessary to use expressions that fit the target reading and the client's needs.

Note that although it is necessary for manuals to be understandable, it is more important to tell the information truthfully in the case of certificates.
What's important is the skill of expression, not substituting the words.

Follow the translation format.

Always obey the format set by the client while working.
Translations may vary from published books to in-house documents.
Obeying the format is extremely important when unifying texts divided to separate translators.
Flexibility is required to write in the appropriate font and match with the translation by other translators.
Note that there are situations where you might be required to proceed differently than usual due to the client's request.
In the case of no instruction, you can still earn a higher evaluation as a staff by asking the format which the client requests.

Ask whatever questions you have.

Check "specific terms" and "spelling" at all times.
Never deceive, but ask the customer through message if you have any question.
Notify the customer if the original text contains mistakes or parts you cannot understand.

Leave no careless mistakes.

Careless mistakes usually are overlooked during proofreading.
These mistakes are different from obvious mistakes and can be easily overlooked.
For example, in Japanese translations, teams with same pronunciation and similar characters, conjunctions, and forgetting to erase periods are careless mistakes that often occur.
On the other hand, spelling mistakes that spell check cannot detect, such as "the" and "he", are common in English translations.
Always be cautious to make precise sentences and use methods such as reading out loud, or check by printing the document out, to reduce careless mistakes. Be aware of careless flaws such as partial untranslation.

Always submit staff comments.

Various interpretation of terms result in various results.
By explaining the intension of the translation relieves the customer from worrying.
For example, it is necessary to imagine and write out the subject due to Japanese sentences do not require subjects at all times.
trans-Pro expect 100% staff comment submitting to allow customers further understanding of the translation.
"Commenting" also proves you being a good staff. Submitting comments along with your translation increase the credit and reputation of the company, thus earns you more opportunity.