Cloud type online translation by native speakers of Chinese(Mandarin).
24,784 or more translators and more than 10,000 corporate customers.

Partners ・Business alliance wanted

At Trans-Pro., we are seeking sales partners of the cloud translation service.

Eligible companies

Companies offering translation services

→Companies which need translators of rare languages
→Companies which need to serve clients with limited budget

Companies which offer foreigner-recruiting services
Companies which employ users who need translation or dealing with foreigners
Companies offering outsourcing services

The strength of Trans-Pro.

・38 languages (including rare languages) are available
・Cloud type translation available delivered after 30 minutes at earliest, operating for 24 hours
・Estimate, payment, delivery via the site possible
・Reliable because you can confirm past jobs and customer evaluations of a translator
・Not only prompt payment using a credit card but payment after receiving a bill possible (Review of the first customer necessary)
・Issuance of estimates, bills, delivery statements or receipts possible


・Requires little expense for implementation
・Take the advantage of existing resources and sales networks to provide this service, and generate revenue with low risk
・Providing a new service becomes possible to existing clients
・You can check sales and profits realtime
・Others (Details will be explained after application)

Agreement requirements

・You need to acquire your company's own domain
・Please create the menu for this service on your company's website
・Please prepare flyers to promote sales of this service
※Please ask us any questions regarding contents above.
※Neither contract fee nor fixed cost is required
※The bill is closed at the end of the month and paid at the end of next month
※50% of gross revenue (= sales minus cost, including payment to a translator and discount) will be paid

Example of business partners

A temporary foreign language instructor recruitment agency A temporary forein staff againcy
A narrator agency A temp staff agency

Inquiry about Trans-Pro. Partnership

*Your company name Ex) Yamada Inc.
*Name Ex) Taro Yamada
Division name
Tel number Ex)000-0000-0000
*E-mail address
Company strength・appeal
Your company Homepage
Preffered web system
    * You need to acquire a unique domain
    * Please note that your application may be reviewed