Cloud type online translation by native speakers of Chinese(Mandarin).
24,784 or more translators and more than 10,000 corporate customers.

Strengths of Trans-Pro.

Quick estimate. You can confirm the price according to the level and delivery time on the spot

→Online estimate is possible for text files, MS Word or Excel files
→You can compare various types of services, so you can make an order according to your budget and time needs

This cloud system is operating 24 hours and provides translation service at reasonable price.

→There are translators around the world and translation taking advantage of time difference is possible
→Because you do not need a sales representative or coordinator to get your job done, price is lower and delivery time is shorter

You can appoint a skilled translator of your choice

→You can check translators' evaluation by other customers before choosing a translator.
→In MyPage, you can appoint translators registered as your favorite or whom you asked to translate before

Unique system to manage translation quality

Translation requests go to translators with higher evaluation on a preferential basis
* Evaluation are done by customers

Payable by a credit card

For corporate or governmental customers, Pay after the delivery. Forms of estimates, delivery, and invoices can be issued as you request
→This becomes possible by your entry such request at registration

Projects difficult to be handled in the cloud can be taken care by us with expertise of a translation company

Total of 16 years of experience + more than 13,000 corporate customers
* CEO is a director of the Japan Translation Federation

Direct communication with the translator is possible (* Up to two weeks after delivery)

→Messaging function enables you to directly contact the translator

Translation or proofreading by a native speaker of the target language realized

→A native speaker of the target language translates or proofread, making the target draft natural

38 languages available

→38 languages, including English, Chinese and Korean, are available
→You can not only choose a language but also a region where the language is used