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Display based on specific trade law

Name of the sales company b-cause co,. Inc
Name of the superintendent of sales Chun-gu Kim
Address (Headquarters, regional offices) 〒105-0013 The Second Mori Building 4F, Hamamatsucho 2-1-3, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Contact TEL:03-5733-4264
E-mail address
Sales price You can confirm before in the estimate screen.
Order method Internet
Payment method Credit card: withdrawal date depends on each card company
Usable cards are:
VISA, Master, JCB, American Express, Tokyo Credit, JACCS, Central Finance, OMC, Rakuten, KC, SASOIN・APLUS, TS CUBIC (Toyota card)
If you have registered yourself as a corporate member, university or public organization, payment by billing is possible (Registration needs to be reviewed).
Payment due date In case of credit card payment, please follow each card company's membership regulation.
If you are a corporate member with payment by billing, fee will be deducted at the end of the next month after the project being complete.
If you are a university or a public organization with payment by billing, you can choose whether fee will shall be deducted at the end of the next month after the project being complete, or another month later.
Application due date In the case of credit card payment, application and payment end at the hour once the credit card payment is done. In the case of Bill payment, application will end after the order is made.
Deliver method It depends on the type of service or price plan you chose and applied.
About refund Considering the feature of the service, we basically accept refund request. Only when it is apparent that we made serious defects (including significant misinterpretation) and when you submit documented inspection of delivered translation, we will respond.
Suggested environment・terminals PC terminal