Cloud type online translation by native speakers of Chinese(Mandarin).
24,784 or more translators and more than 10,000 corporate customers.

Knack for higher quality and requesting translation

About translation level of trans-Pro

…Native speaker with some experience of translation
Staffs with one to three year experience of translation who do not have any special expertise field.
Please choose them for simple translation such as private letters or mails.
…Professional translator
Staffs with three to five year experience of translation who have more than one field they are good at
Please choose them for business documents including product manuals and guidebooks.
…Selected professional translator
Staffs with five or more year experience of translation who have more than one expertise field who are specially good at
Please choose them for highly specialized documents such as patents, medical documents and contracts.

Reasonable price, delivery time and about quality

At Trans-Pro., we provide translation at reasonable price, delivery time and quality according to your budget and delivery time/quality request.
You can select translation level and delivery time in the estimate page.

Knack of translation request

If you ask 100 translators to translate a same document,
100 translation different in levels and styles will be delivered.

For you to receive translation matching your request, it is recommended for you to consider following aspects.

1. Notify a translator who are the target readers
→By understanding whether the document is for researchers, adult or children, and male or female, the translator can choose proper writing style.

2. Notify a translator the image the translation should be about.
→By understanding your image or hope about translation, the translator can try to meet your request more closely.

3. Notify a translator glossaries and related sites
→By referring to glossaries and related sites, the translator can have deeper understanding about the document.

4. Choose translation level
→At Trans-Pro., you can choose one from three levels, "Light," "Business," and "Expert" depending on quality level.
Translators are grouped into these three levels based on their experience and customers' evaluation.
Please note that if you choose short delivery time, it becomes more likely for the translator to make mistakes because he/she does not have enough time to read the translation over again.

For your information, we request our translators to do the followings:
・Use appropriate terms at all time.
・Follow the translation format.
・Ask whatever questions you have.
・Leave no careless mistakes.
・Leave comments, if necessary, at proper sections.